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About Marley Eternit Decking

Timber decking continues to be an increasingly popular choice for commercial applications. However, many conventional decking boards can become slippery in wet conditions and hence present the dangers of slips, falls and personal injury. We have long recognised this problem and the need to provide enhanced grip with a range of structural timber antislip decking products; the ideal choice for commercial applications particularly across the education, leisure and lifestyle, health, retail, and public sectors.

European Redwood has been selected as the optimum decking board – stable, hard wearing and sustainable. Correctly treated its durable and with the exception of cleaning – maintenance free.

Our product portfolio

Marley Eternit Citideck

Antislip timber decking for inclusive urban environments. Offering all the advantages of timber decking but with the characteristic of a smooth profile and less abrasive inserts, ideal for the urban environment and inclusive areas.

Marley Eternit Antislip Plus

Developed specifically to provide a slip resistant exterior surface. Recommended for all commercial applications and where there is a public access. Both castellated and smooth boards are available.

Marley Eternit Standard

Standard deck boards are available in both castellated and smooth profiles; especially suitable for balcony decks or matching with Marley Eternit Citideck or Marley Eternit Antislip Plus in areas that don't require antislip boards.