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09 May 2017

When are smooth profile deck boards better than grooved?

When are smooth deck boards better than castellated? How do you know which suits your project best? It’s easy to make a traditional choice of castellated timber decking for your project but here is a guide of the best product to use in different environments.

Typically, castellated boards are a first choice in the UK, due to the aesthetic appeal of continuous and textured grooves. In the US and Europe smooth boards are the primary choice. Of course, grooves can of course be interwoven with standard deck boards for visual appeal and can also be placed in varying configurations to create changes of direction and to lead the eye into different areas of a landscape.

Smooth boards create a more even, natural looking landscape; however they also have several significant practical advantages over grooved boards for particular applications.

When specifying a deck for areas with high levels of foot traffic with consideration for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes grooved decking boards can be too uneven. CitiDeck is a smooth profile board with less abrasive inserts than our Antislip Plus boards, resulting in a less bumpy ride.

For the visually impaired grooved deck boards can be used to indicate doorways, steps and ramp entrances.

Smooth boards are also preferred in applications such as restaurants, bars and smoking areas, as grooved boards can be problematic for urban footwear, resulting in them becoming trapped and damaging the shoe and the board.

Smooth decking is frequently specified for outdoor areas where food is served or hygiene is of high priority. Smooth boards prevent food, dirt or litter becoming trapped, making it much easier to clean. Dirt and leaf debris can also become trapped and is difficult to sweep out of grooved boards, smooth boards are easier to sweep and look after.

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