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Marley Eternit CitiDeck

Antislip timber decking designed for use in urban environments

  • Smooth profiled boards 
  • 2 White Flint non-slip inserts 
  • Strength classes C16 and C24
  • Minimum pendulum test value for low slip is 36, Marley Eternit Citideck® ranges from 61-73 (depending wet or dry)
  • BS 5268 and Eurocode span tables 
  • Treated to either Use Class 3 (MicroPro®) or Use Class 4 (Naturewood®) 
  • Exceeds the HSL’s anti-slip testing guidelines to BS 7976
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Full FSC and PEFC chain of custody 
  • CE marked 
  • TDCA DeckMark Plus approved
  • Produced from V Grade European Redwood
  • Ideal surface for wheelchairs

Marley Eternit Citideck is an antislip timber decking for inclusive urban environments.

CitiDeck®, is a antislip timber decking board designed for the use in urban environments and where inclusivity and accessibility is essential. Originally developed to promote inclusivity at the Olympic Park,  CitiDeck is now specified for many urban applications, from schools and hospitals to housing developments and restaurants.

CitiDeck®, offers all the advantages of timber decking but with the characteristics smooth profile. It uses a slightly less abrasive grit to provide a more even surface for wheelchairs, and the less able, whilst exceeding the HSL's antislip testing guidelines.

Timber decking is the most sustainable, and one of the most environmentally friendly hard landscaping products. The smooth profile of CitiDeck® prevents the accumulation of dirt, litter or food waste ensuring the surface is low maintenance and easy to clean.

CitiDeck® features two slightly less abrasive non slip inserts which is a white-coloured flint. 

CitiDeck® is available graded to either C16 or C24 and CE marked. Marley Eternit decking is treated to either Use Class 3 (MicroPro®) or Use Class 4 (Naturewood®) to suit the project requirements.

Marley Eternit CitiDeck® Colour

Pale Green, almost clear fading to a warm honey colour before eventually turning Silver Grey.

Marley Eternit CitiDeck® Coverage

  • 125mm widths: 8m per m²
  • 150mm widths: 6.7m per m²

Precision end trimming to customer specification is available.

Marley Eternit CitiDeck® Grading

C16 and C24 available

Marley Eternit CitiDeck® Available Treatment

  • MicroPro UC3
  • Naturewood UC4 and Highway Sector Scheme 4
  • Marley Eternit Classic pigment
  • Fire Retardant

Marley Eternit CitiDeck® Installation

Marley Eternit recommends following the Timber Decking and Cladding association guidelines. The best practice guides can be found here.

Marley Eternit CitiDeck® Field cuts

All field cuts must be painted/ coated with a cut end preservative

CitiDeck is ideally used for

  • Public access areas where wheelchairs the less able are using the decking
  • Urban environments and inclusive access zones
  • Stairs or changes in level where grip is essential
  • High foot traffic areas to avoid trip hazards

Typical Applications of the decking board

  • Hospitals & Care homes 
  • Hotels 
  • Schools & Nurseries
  • Restaurants & Pubs 
  • Retail outlets & Offices 
  • Zoo’s & Theme parks

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